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2105, 2018

Alumni Association invests in Penn State-related startups 

The Penn State Alumni Association will invest in the future of Penn State entrepreneurs and technology startups — including those launched by Penn State alumni, students and faculty — through a $500,000 commitment to 1855 Capital. The $10 million-plus 1855 Capital Fund provides seed and early-stage venture capital to Penn [...]

1705, 2018

Purdue University Foundry invests over $500K to university start ups

More than $500,000 was awarded to 11 Purdue University startups to aide in their advancement, ranging from networking apps to appliances that grow produce. The Elevate Purdue Foundry Fund provides money for Purdue-affiliated startups with pre-seed, seed and early stage investment and co-investment programs. Since the program's beginning in 2014, the fund [...]

1705, 2018

Cisco eyes early-stage startups with new venture fund 

Cisco Systems Inc., one of the most prolific corporate acquirers of startups, is starting up a new venture fund that will run independently from the parent company, people familiar with the matter say. The Silicon Valley company, which historically has invested from its cash reserves, plans to be the anchor [...]

1705, 2018

AZBio initiative aims to cure funding gap that ails Arizona 

Trying to build on Arizona’s significant investments in the life science discovery and healthcare delivery infrastructure, the state’s leaders are focused on bridging the funding gap that slows the growth of Arizona-based life science companies. Leaders of Arizona’s life science sector share a drive to accomplish a common goal: accelerate [...]

1705, 2018

Early-stage investors get infusion from state’s Catalyst Fund 

The state-backed Catalyst Fund has approved a $1.6 million commitment to NMA Ventures, a new fund run by prominent Angels to invest in early-stage technology companies across the state. New Mexico Angels President John Chavez, former Angels Vice President Dorian Rader, and Angels board member Sherman McCorkle partnered together last [...]

1605, 2018

Midwest Venture Investors To Raise As Much As $100M To Fund Health Startups

Venture Investors plans to raise up to $100 million for a new, healthcare-focused venture capital fund, the Madison, WI-based firm said in a documentrecently filed with federal securities regulators. VI is the oldest and largest venture capital fund in Wisconsin. It created a new business entity, "Venture Investors Health Fund 6 LimitedPartnership," under whose name the document was filed. The filing lists the same business address and some of the same executiveofficers as previous funds VI has raised for investing in startups. Scott Button, a managing director at VI, declined to say what the organization'stimeline is for raising the new healthcare fund, citing regulatory restrictions. The Wisconsin-based healthcare businesses that VI has backed include CellectarBiosciences, FluGen, and TAI Diagnostics. Two Madison-based startups in VI's portfolio were acquired by large, publiclytraded companies in the last two years: NeuWave Medical, which was sold toEthicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson; and Virent, which was acquired byAndeavor. Source: Xconomy: Venture Investors To Raise As Much As $100M To Fund Health Startups

1005, 2018

University of Texas Genesis Fund for Student Startups Raises $1M-Plus

Finding funding is one of the hardest things for first-time entrepreneurs at any stage of life. But doing it while you’re in college and before you’ve made a lot of connections in the startup ecosystem is even harder. Now, student founders at The University of Texas in Austin have a [...]

1005, 2018

ISA and Tel Aviv University Ventures launch startup accelerator

The Israel Security Authority (ISA) (Shin Bet) and venture capital fund TAU Ventures, founded by Tel Aviv University, have announced the launching of a startup accelerator in Israel. The first class will focus on early-stage entrepreneurs working in artificial intelligence (AI), primarily natural-language processing (NLP) technologies, robotics, and data science. [...]

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