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1306, 2018

Twin Cities to host first summit connecting university tech and startup funds with industry and investors

The Twin Cities will host the first gathering focused on connecting university tech and startup funds with innovative companies and early-stage investors. COvergence, scheduled for July 11th, is aimed at jump starting conversation around active university proof of concept, startup, and venture gap funds and accelerators that will lead to greater collaboration to advance innovation from the lab to the marketplace.

1306, 2018

​Advance Queensland innovation fund gets AU$73m Budget boos

The Queensland government has handed down its 2018-19 Budget, with jobs and innovation once again a focus for the state. The state's innovation fund Advance Queensland, launched three years ago during the 2015-16 Budget, will be receiving a further AU$73 million over four years, bringing the total kitty to AU$650 million. [...]

1206, 2018

After hiatus, Sony is back in the corporate venture capital game

Launched in 2016, the Innovation Fund targets early stage companies in robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, video, music, entertainment and other technologies. It has invested in around 25 companies in the U.S., Japan and Europe so far. The average investment is a few million in each company. “We are focused [...]

1106, 2018

University of Utah Doctor, Students Raise $975,000 for Intubation Technology 

While treating people in Africa, University of Utah anesthesiologist Sean Runnels invented a suite of intubation tools for placing breathing tubes during medical procedures. Now, he is moving rapidly toward selling the products. With help from students at the U’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and the Center for Technology & Venture [...]

1106, 2018

Accelerating Berkeley startups at SkyDeck | TechCrunch

True to its name, SkyDeck has one of the best views in all of Berkeley. You can UC Berkeley on one side and a wide swath of the bay on the other, with San Francisco just barely peeking through the fog. If nothing else, the accelerator’s killer piece of real estate feels [...]

1106, 2018

POC Work on Blood-Cleaning NanoRobots Conjurs Memories of Body Wars

An unprecedented breakthrough has been made in the area of biotechnology. This doesn't come as a surprise, as we have been experiencing rapid development in the application of technology to biological processes in the recent years. A research team led by two professors (Joseph Wang and Liangfang Zhang) from the Department of [...]

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