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12 06, 2019

Innovation Research Center seeks R&D grant applications 

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The New Hampshire Innovation Research Center is seeking applications from New Hampshire companies looking to conduct research with New Hampshire-based colleges and universities, including the University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth College. The grants support projects under development in the private sector. Projects vary from proof-of-concept to a substantial product or process design. Applications are [...]

18 01, 2018

Two companies awarded innovation grants from University of New Hampshire

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Voi-Reach and Watts Water Technologies, Inc. have received Granite State Technology Innovation Grants in the latest round of funding from the New Hampshire Innovation Research Center, a state program administered by the University of New Hampshire. The funding enables companies to collaborate with New Hampshire-based colleges and universities to help turn their research, conceptualization and [...]

25 05, 2017

The University of New Hampshire Establishes an Innovation Fund

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Innovation is the need of the hour. This one statement holds a significant weight in the business world. The increasing competition in the business world and rising number of entrepreneurs have made business owners more inclined to incorporate innovation. The markets have become saturated with similar products and services. However, a single differentiation factor, regardless [...]

9 05, 2017

University of New Hampshire creates innovation fund

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The University of New Hampshire’s Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center has established the J. Dolores and Alfred P. Maurice Prize for Innovation Fund, UNH announced Wednesday. Alfred P. Maurice donated $150,000 to create an endowed gift to benefit undergraduate student innovation. “This prize will help the ECenter continue to build the growing innovation culture on [...]

5 11, 2015

50 Dartmouth alums invest $1.5M venture capital fund

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Nearly 50 Dartmouth College alums contributed more than $1.5 million in the Green D Angels to pool funds to invest in Dartmouth entrepreneurs. The initial close of its second venture capital fund already exceeded the total of $1.5 million raised for an earlier fund. It’s anticipated that 100 Dartmouth alums will participate in the ongoing [...]

27 01, 2015

Dartmouth Alum Fund Invests In Businesses With College Ties

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A group of Dartmouth College alumni "angel investors" has established a venture capital fund to help businesses with connections to the college. "Angel investors" put up money to help entrepreneurs and start-ups to get off the ground and grow. The idea is less about turning a quick profit and more about nurturing a business. The [...]

26 10, 2014

University of New Hampshire Unveils Initiatives Designed to Increase Commercialization Success

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In an effort to expand entrepreneurship throughout the university and the state, the public research institution announced that it has established a new center, The Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center, as well as a mentoring network and a seed fund. They will use the research output of faculty, staff and students to drive economic development [...]

10 09, 2012

U of New Hampshire awards innovation grant to coating company

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The Innovation Research Center at the University of New Hampshire has awarded a Granite State Technology Innovation Grant to ArgenTech Solutions, Inc. (AgTS) to help develop a high-performance, photoluminescent powder coating additive suitable for advanced safety and military applications. […]

8 06, 2012

New Hampshire High Technology Council launches new $100K seed fund competition

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CONCORD — There are a half a million new reasons to start a company in New Hampshire. Seeking to ignite the launch of new tech startups in New Hampshire, the NH High Technology Council and the abi Innovation Hub announced a new $500,000 competition.  […]