6 12, 2018

UA-focused venture fund invests in advanced antenna maker

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A venture-capital fund focused on University of Arizona technology has invested in Freefall Aerospace, a UA spinoff that has developed a new, steerable antenna for satellite and ground-based communications. UA Venture Capital said it has acquired 20 percent in its fifth venture investment. The fund doesn’t disclose the value of individual investments, but says its [...]

6 12, 2018

Purdue Research Foundation raises $10.2 million for Back a Boiler Income Share Agreement Fund II – News – Purdue University

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The Purdue Research Foundation has raised $10.2 million to fund its Back a Boiler income share agreement program that provides an alternative for Purdue University students to Federal Parent PLUS and private student loans. David Cooper, Purdue Research Foundation’s chief investment officer, said Fund II was closed in late October with a total of 11 [...]

30 11, 2018

Science tech + venture funding + government funds, a critical part of of innovation 

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People advocating greater government involvement in directing university research programs should be careful what they wish for, according to CSIRO chief executive officer Larry Marshall, who warns this may be a sure-fire way to stifle creativity. Dr Marshall, who has presided over a drive to improve the commercial returns to the national science agency of its [...]

13 11, 2018

Oregon offers tax credit on gifts to venture development fund

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C. elegans is a transparent, 1 millimeter worm that shares many of the same genes and molecular pathways as humans. Its average lifespan, however, is considerably shorter — two weeks. For Eugene-based NemaMetrix, this tiny worm has led to some big discoveries. Today the biotechnology firm helps scientists around the world research human health and [...]

1 11, 2018

NSU unveils plans for incubator and accelerator

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In an effort to expand Broward County's burgeoning startup and technology sector, the Nova Southeastern University Board of Trustees has unveiled plans for the NSU Broward Innovation Center, a 60,000-square-foot incubator and accelerator project. The goal, they said at a gathering of about 100 local business leaders Monday, is to elevate Broward County as a [...]

24 10, 2018

UChicago Opens Its High-Profile NVC Accelerator to Alumni Startups

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The University of Chicago wants to give its alumni network a chance to participate in its sought-after startup accelerator program. UChicago’s New Venture Challenge, ranked among the top accelerator programs in the country, is launching an alumni track as part of its annual startup competition. Dubbed the Alumni New Venture Challenge (ANVC), the program will give graduates of [...]

24 10, 2018

Bridging the gap between public and private research 

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Although many paradigm-changing research discoveries are made by academic scientists at the university level, universities are fundamentally not set up to commercialize these discoveries and rely on out-licensing deals to translate their ideas into products. The downside is that they see a very small fraction of the profits generated by commercially successful ventures deriving from [...]

10 10, 2018

Notre Dame IDEA Center Creates $22.65M Fund to Support Startup Companies

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The Notre Dame IDEA Center, established in 2017 to spur innovation and commercialization efforts at the University, has established a separate for-profit investment fund to accelerate promising early-stage technologies and startup ideas toward development. Drawing on the IDEA Center’s race car-related branding, the Notre Dame Pit Road Fund will provide seed funding for faculty, student, [...]

5 10, 2018

Michigan Strategic Fund Approves Investment in Programs to Continue Research in Innovation and Technology Across the State

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With the support of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), early stage entrepreneurial activity continues to thrive across the state. To continue the momentum, the Michigan Strategic Fund, administered by the MEDC, has approved funding for seven statewide programs dedicated to strengthening Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and creating value in further developing talent and technologies. The [...]

5 10, 2018

Investors secure £150,000 funding to help launch latest product

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Investors based at the University of Birmingham aiming to develop more sustainable batteries have secured £150,000 to help launch their latest product. Amrit Chandan and Carlton Cummins of Aceleron have secured the support from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund’s Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund, managed by Warwickshire-headquartered Mercia Fund Managers. The pair have [...]