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28 06, 2018

Trolley Venture Partners raises $4 million to invest in central Virginia startup companies

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A new investment fund has been created to provide financial backing for early stage business ventures in central Virginia. Trolley Ventures said it has closed an initial fundraising round with $4 million raised. The partnership plans to immediately start making investments in promising, early stage companies in the region. “There is no shortage of companies [...]

28 06, 2018

U.K.-based IQ Capital announces $165 million fund for early-stage transformative startups

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U.K.-based venture capital (VC) firm IQ Capital has announced a new £125 million ($165 million) fund to invest in transformative startups that focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and other forms of disruptive “deeptech.” Cambridge-headquartered IQ Capital launched in 2006 with an inaugural £25 million ($33 million) fund, followed nearly a decade later by a £50 million ($66 [...]

13 06, 2018

Michigan’s Venture Investors adding $100 million fund for med device/health startups

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A document which contains plans to raise $100 million in healthcare funds, was recently submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission by a venture capital firm in Madison, Wisconsin, - Venture Investors LLC - which also has a strong business presence in Michigan. The name of this fund is Venture Investors Health 6 LP. [...]

16 05, 2018

Midwest Venture Investors To Raise As Much As $100M To Fund Health Startups

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Venture Investors plans to raise up to $100 million for a new, healthcare-focused venture capital fund, the Madison, WI-based firm said in a documentrecently filed with federal securities regulators. VI is the oldest and largest venture capital fund in Wisconsin. It created a new business entity, "Venture Investors Health Fund 6 LimitedPartnership," under whose name the document was filed. The filing lists the same business address and some of the same executiveofficers as previous funds VI has raised for investing in startups. Scott Button, a managing director at VI, declined to say what the organization'stimeline is for raising the new healthcare fund, citing regulatory restrictions. The Wisconsin-based healthcare businesses that VI has backed include CellectarBiosciences, FluGen, and TAI Diagnostics. Two Madison-based startups in VI's portfolio were acquired by large, publiclytraded companies in the last two years: NeuWave Medical, which was sold toEthicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson; and Virent, which was acquired byAndeavor. Source: Xconomy: Venture Investors To Raise As Much As $100M To Fund Health Startups

10 05, 2018

University of Arizona McGuire New Venture program reaches across UA campus

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The New Venture Development Program at the University of Arizona’s McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship is mainly an academic exercise designed to give students the experience of moving an idea to a launch-ready venture. But real products and companies have emerged from the program, and they increasingly involve UA technologies as McGuire reaches out across campus. [...]

3 05, 2018

Fresh $668 million Foresite Capital biotech venture fund aims to quench hunger for data, target university startups

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A San Francisco venture capital firm backing data-intensive approaches to developing new drugs has raised a $668 million fund that it looks to turn loose on new ways to marry data and biology to bring therapies to market faster. Foresite Capital, whose recent investments include the machine learning drug development company Insitro, recent IPO Arcus [...]

17 04, 2018

Connecticut Innovations hopes its record 2017 returns woo more venture investment

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Like a gambler confident in his long-term strategy, Connecticut Innovations doesn't sweat a bad bet. Losing — as much as $5 million on a single company in one instance — is part of the venture capital investment game. It's a process that can feel like a slog, particularly in the seven- to 15-year investment cycles [...]

13 02, 2018

4490 Ventures Raises $49M Fund to Support Startups in Midwest

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4490 Ventures, a Madison, WI-based venture capital firm that supports startups in the Midwest, has raised $49 million for its second fund, according to a document filed with federal securities regulators on Wednesday. Greg Robinson, managing director at 4490, says the document is an “interim filing” and 4490 plans to finish raising its second fund later this [...]

26 01, 2018

Univ. of Tokyo startups are targets of new $220m tech fund

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A venture capital firm affiliated with the University of Tokyo has established a fund that ranks among Japan's biggest in targeting startups with roots in higher education, eyeing ambitious candidates offering cutting-edge technologies developed at the school. University of Tokyo Edge Capital plans to assemble about 25 billion yen ($226 million) for the fund by April. It has [...]

26 01, 2018

GV co-leads $27.1M Series A in Oxford Uni life sciences spinout Vaccitech

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Leaning on its in-house life sciences expertise GV has backed another biotech startup in the UK, co-leading a £20 million ($27.1M) Series A in Oxford University spinout Vaccitech, which is developing a universal flu vaccine. Sequoia China, another new investor, is also co-leading the round, along with existing backer Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI) — which operates a fund that invests in high [...]