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22 05, 2019

There’s an alternative to raising VC and it’s called revenue-based financing | TechCrunch

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Revenue-based financing is on the rise, at least according to Lighter Capital, a firm that doles out entrepreneur-friendly debt capital. What exactly is RBF you ask? It’s a relatively new form of funding for tech companies that are posting monthly recurring revenue. Here’s how Lighter Capital, which completed 500 RBF deals in 2018, explains it: “It’s an alternative [...]

22 05, 2019

Part fund, part accelerator, Contrary Capital invests in student entrepreneurs | TechCrunch

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First Round Capital  has both the Dorm Room Fund and the Graduate Fund. General Catalyst has Rough Draft Ventures. And Prototype Capital and a few other micro-funds focus on investing in student founders, but overall, there’s a shortage of capital set aside for entrepreneurs still making their way through school. Contrary Capital, a soon-to-be San Francisco-based operation led by Eric Tarczynski, is [...]

16 05, 2019

Maryland TEDCO awards $6.6M in stem cell funding to 24 researchers, startups 

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Maryland Technology Development Corp. has doled out $6.6 million in funding awards to companies and researchers working on stem cell products and medical therapies. The funds were awarded to 24 separate projects through the state's Stem Cell Research Fund. The fund has a budget of $8.2 million in the 2019 fiscal year. This is the second round [...]

16 05, 2019

How this government funding programme has launched over 2,300 startups

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Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) runs an extensive programme to promote startups, called EXIST. It offers grants to transfer university research into campus startups, and helps foster a culture of entrepreneurship through innovation workshops, consulting services, and industry connects. The phases of the entrepreneurial journey are evocatively described as Get Started, Get Prepared, Get Together, and Get Traction. [...]

16 05, 2019

Xconomy: Why Investors Are Turning to the Midwest

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For decades, venture capital investors have targeted the East and West coasts to find and fund their next big startup growth company. The result? Two thirds of VC deals and dollars are currently, as of the first quarter of 2019, held in three states—California, New York, and Massachusetts—in three regions of the U.S. Trailing those [...]

16 05, 2019

Labor $15m digital health accelerator with Monash University

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Labor will fund a new health technology accelerator and medical simulation facilities in Melbourne’s south-east as part of a $15 million digital health election commitment. Shadow health minister Catherine King, shadow digital economy minister Ed Husic and Labor candidate for Dunkley Peta Murphy will make announce the election announcement in Frankston on Monday morning. The $15.3 [...]

16 05, 2019

$1.4M gift creates the Alabama Power Endowed Innovation Fund at UA 

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A $1.4 million grant will fuel business innovation, entrepreneurship, small business growth and talent retention in the state. Alabama Power Foundation provided the funds to the University of Alabama to establish the Alabama Power Endowed Innovation and Talent Retention Fund. The fund, which will be managed by the Office of the Vice President for Research [...]

9 05, 2019

New Startup Accelerator Plans To Bring Tech Boom To Long Beach

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From Silicon Valley in the Bay Area to Silicon Beach in West Los Angeles, the California coast is famous for its startup culture. A new public-private taskforce in Long Beach is now hoping to extend the startup axis further to the south. The City of Long Beach, in partnership with the Institute for Innovation and [...]

1 05, 2019

Mayo Clinic selects digital health startups for accelerator program 

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Minnesota-based health system Mayo Clinic selected six auspicious digital health startups for its MedTech Accelerator — a joint venture with Arizona State University for companies that raised at least$500,000 in seed funding rounds. Business Insider Intelligence The accelerator aids early stage medical device and healthcare tech startups raring to polish their products and bring them to commercial success. [...]

29 04, 2019

A quick look at how Series A and seed rounds have ballooned in recent years, fueled by top investors

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Wing, an eight-year-old, Silicon Valley venture firm co-founded by veteran VCs Peter Wagner and Gaurav Garg, produces interesting research about its own industry every now and then, based on smaller data sets than firms like PitchBook or CB Insights tend to use. Instead of looking at funding activity broadly, the firm tracks deal-making at the [...]