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14 03, 2019

Deerfield commits $100M to establish translational research alliance with Harvard 

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Harvard University and Deerfield Management, a health care investment firm, have established a major strategic R&D alliance to speed the development and translation of biomedical and life-science innovations into transformative treatments that can improve life, health, and medical care. Through a newly launched company called Lab1636, Deerfield has committed $100 million in initial funding to [...]

14 03, 2019

Osage University Partners raises $273 mln for third fund 

By |2019-03-14T09:10:39+00:00March 14th, 2019|New Fund Announcement, Venture Capital|0 Comments

Osage University Partners (“OUP”), a Philadelphia area-based venture capital firm, today announced the closing of Osage University Partners III, L.P. (“OUP III”) at $273 million, exceeding its target of $250 million. OUP III marks the firm’s third fund dedicated to investments exclusively in startups that are commercializing university research, bringing OUP’s total assets under management [...]

14 03, 2019

Universities shift to biotech, med-tech startup mode

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Food allergy professor Cathryn Nagler has become a celebrity of sorts. The University of Chicago's Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation gets emails almost every week from people—oftentimes parents of children with food allergies—looking for an introduction and asking if they can support her work. Nagler's startup, ClostraBio, develops therapies that prevent or treat allergic [...]

14 03, 2019

Co-creative university-industry innovation must be core mission of universities

By |2019-03-14T08:49:34+00:00March 14th, 2019|Corporate, UK/England|0 Comments

European universities need to embrace change by continuing to forge alliances with innovative companies and independent research groups to use and develop their knowledge in cooperation with the outside world, experts agreed at the 8 March launch of the European University Association’s new report The Role of Universities in Regional Innovation Ecosystems. This analysed in-depth case [...]

13 03, 2019

CIT Gap Funds invests in medtech startup

By |2019-03-13T14:44:41+00:00March 13th, 2019|Venture Capital, Virginia|0 Comments

The Herndon, Va.-based Center for Innovative Technology (CIT)announced that its CIT GAP Funds is investing in Richmond, Va.-based Tympanogen, a medical technology company that develops ear, nose, and throat (ENT) treatment devices based on a proprietary gel patch technology. “We have a great opportunity to take over what many consider to be a neglected market. ENT surgeons want a [...]

13 03, 2019

$6M Endowment Fund: U of T planning to establish new medical research fund with

By |2019-03-13T10:10:28+00:00March 13th, 2019|Foundation-support|0 Comments

Plans are underway to establish a $6 million endowment fund to support medical research conducted by U of T faculty members. The endowment, slated to be named the Drucker Family Innovation Fund, was proposed by U of T Professor of Medicine Daniel Drucker and is planned as part of the university’s celebration of the 100th [...]

13 03, 2019

The Value of Industry-University Collaborations in Water Research

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Traditionally, research conducted at many universities falls under the category of fundamental research, which is primarily conducted to enhance our basic knowledge in a certain area. In the trenchless technology industry, and regarding the university researchers active in the field, the focus has been much more on the application of knowledge to solve engineering and [...]

13 03, 2019

New university-business partnerships to boost jobs and local economies – GOV.UK

By |2019-03-13T10:06:00+00:00March 13th, 2019|State or Government, UK/England|0 Comments

The rollout of new University Enterprise Zones will strengthen links between the research and expertise developed in universities, and ensure they further align with the needs of local businesses. UEZs are a form of ‘incubator’ that provide physical space and facilities for small businesses, where they access support, specialist facilities and knowledge. Helping universities to [...]

13 03, 2019

How a gift activated a new social impact entrepreneurship design in inside higher ed

By |2019-03-13T10:04:39+00:00March 13th, 2019|Uncategorized|0 Comments

 In 2009, The Lewis Family Foundation gave a generous gift to Babson College with the express desire to galvanize faculty, students, staff, and alumni around the greater notions of social entrepreneurship and social impact, influencing Babson’s core strategy to educate leaders who will create economic and social value simultaneously. President-Elect Stephen Spinelli MBA’92, who will [...]

12 03, 2019

University Gap Fund/Accelerator Leader Interview Series: Tech Launch Arizona

By |2019-03-12T14:28:15+00:00March 12th, 2019|Uncategorized|0 Comments

An Interview with the TLA Team How would you describe the need for gap funding/accelerator programs to someone outside of the university tech commercialization/innovation community?   University research presents a compelling opportunity for commercialization, but sometimes the innovation itself may not be ready for license into a company. Certain questions need to be addressed: Do [...]